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Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising Opportunities

Welcome Decorating Enthusiasts -

We invite non-profit organizations from various industries to contact us regarding your fourth quarter fund raising plans. Whether you need a BIG Commercial prelighted artificial Christmas tree or ten dozen unlit three foot Christmas trees, etc. We can absolutely help you. Not only trees, but exciting new LED Christmas lights and LED lighted outdoor decorations too. Now you can go ahead and build that awesome light park you always wanted. We'll supply the lights and your non-profit organization will absolutely make money with our products.

We have been where you are regarding the necessity of fund raising. You can trust that we will sharpen our pencils and work with you and your budget, to help make your fund raiser a huge success, all while looking good at the same time.

Team Santa Inc. simply just loves helping others make money! That's all there is to it. Please give us an opportunity and we will provide you with the tools to make a lot of money. Team Santa Inc. guarantees it!

​Please feel free to send us an
email to

Happy Decorating!

Team Santa Inc.

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